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5 Tips to Stop Your Puppy from Biting

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  • 11 August 2017
  • Pet Wants

Puppies like to play a lot. Our puppy formula dog food will ensure your pet gets all the nutrients it needs to enjoy playing everyday and continue growing into a healthy adult dog. While playing with your new little dog can be a ton of fun, biting can be a common problem. Although this behavior is normal, it is important to teach them when their biting goes too far. Here are five tips for handling your puppy’s biting:

1. Stop and Move Away

Dogs are very smart animals. Your little one wants to play and have fun. So if your pup bites you while playing, stop the fun and move away. It won’t take your little pet long to catch on to the fact that biting is not the way to maximize fun.

2. Avoid Wrestling

When puppies play with each other, it generally takes the form of wrestling—often including biting. While wrestling with your pet can be fun, it’s not the best game to play if biting is an issue for your puppy. By sticking with other games, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of fun with your puppy and simultaneously teach that biting isn’t acceptable. Then you can go back to wrestling in the future once your young dog is through this stage.

3. Take a Break with a Timeout

Puppies have a lot of energy. This can lead to your pet get overly excited. There may be times when your puppy is simply too stimulated to stop biting. In these situations, put your puppy in its pen or crate with a dog treat to chew on. Your puppy won’t view this as a punishment. Instead, it simply provides an opportunity for your little pooch to chill out and reset.

4. Don’t Cry Back

One technique people sometimes try is making a crying sound when their puppy bites. This approach is an attempt to mimic what a puppy’s littermate would do if bitten. The problem is other puppies aren’t the only ones that cry out. This is also the noise that any prey would make, which means it can end up encouraging plenty of breeds to keep on biting. You’ll get much better results from staying quiet.

5. Put an End to Foot Biting

A common issue with herding breed puppies is they bite feet. This behavior is triggered by “chasing.” You can put an end to it by immediately stopping your foot movement whenever your puppy bites at you and only starting to move again once the puppy has calmed down and stopped biting. Using a leash to move your pet away from your feet can help with an especially stubborn pup.