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6 Mistakes That Can Put Your Pet at Risk

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  • 11 August 2017
  • Pet Wants

As a dog or cat owner, you want to provide the best possible care for your pet. However, as you’ve probably already discovered, it often seems like the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know. Here are six common mistakes that pet owners need to know about:

3 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

The first mistake dog owners make is not committing to training. For a dog that behaves well, this may not seem like a big deal. But if an untrained dog is ever in a challenging situation, not knowing certain commands may put it in danger. That’s why it’s always worth investing time and energy into training a dog of any age.

The next mistake that dog owners make is feeding their pet too much. This is especially true with treats or snacks. While dogs enjoy getting to eat extra, this can cause them to gain unnecessary weight and increase their risk for a variety of health problems. If you want to prevent that from happening, Pet Wants dog food is a nutritionally sound choice with clear instructions on how much you should feed based on your pet’s weight.

The third common mistake is not exercising your dog enough. It’s easy to think that playing with your dog in the backyard is plenty. But in reality, dogs need to go on walks for both their physical and mental health. Even though it can be tough sometimes to find the energy to get outside, it’s something that will greatly benefit your dog.

3 Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

Just like dog owners, the first mistake that cat owners make is overfeeding their pets and obesity is becoming more and  more prevalent among felines. Protect your cat by feeding the right portion of Pet Wants cat food every day.

The second mistake is letting a cat get bored. The key to avoiding this is to offer many different forms of stimulation for your cat. From scratching posts to climbing trees to new toys, there’s no shortage of great options available.

Finally, cat owners often get lazy with litter boxes. Even though you can probably get by with every few days, the best option for your cat’s overall well-being is to clean out the box daily (or even twice a day).

Whether you have a dog or cat, keeping these mistakes in mind will help you take even better care of it.